A Dialogic Teaching Companion

Lesson transcript and video extracts referred to in Appendix 2, pp 208-9

Towards Dialogic Teaching. A collection of 24 video clips from a 2002-7 dialogic teaching development project involving 40 primary schools in the north of England. The clips, indexed and annotated, exemplify different kinds of classroom talk and were collected to encourage professional study, discussion and analysis, not as examples of so-called ‘best practice’. View video clips.

Talk Transcribed. 13 transcribed lesson episodes, some of them from the collection above. The intention is the same: discussion and analysis, not modelling. These extracts were used to support professional development in the 2014-17 Education Endowment Foundation Dialogic Teaching Project, which entailed a randomised control trial of Robin Alexander’s dialogic teaching framework with 5000 students in 78 schools. View Talk Transcribed.